Help your patients obtain MuGard® Oral Mucoadhesive

AMAG Pharmaceuticals®, Inc. can help patients obtain MuGard when they need it.

  • AMAG Assist Patient Reimbursement and Support Center (AMAG Assist™) works to deliver MuGard directly to patients
  • The mail order or specialty pharmacy delivers MuGard to the patient’s home, or the patient may pick up MuGard at a local retail pharmacy
  • To download detailed instructions for obtaining MuGard, please click here


The MuGard Patient Assistance Program is managed through AMAG Assist.

Patient Assistance Program

A Patient Assistance Program may be available for patients without commercial insurance coverage or insured patients whose insurance does not cover their prescription.

  • MuGard may be available at no charge to patients who meet financial and other criteria
  • Once approved, MuGard will be shipped directly to the patient


Restrictions apply. Patients must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States, may not have any private or public health insurance coverage for MuGard, and must meet income requirements. Medicare patients with no supplemental insurance coverage for MuGard may be eligible.